Choosing the right accessories for Your Senior Portraits
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Thursday, June 14, 2018
By Moments Photography by Carrie, LLC
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Choosing the right accessories for your senior portraits, can make or break your outfit.  You’ve got your outfits planned and you know exactly what you’re doing with your hair and makeup.  Now it’s time to consider your accessories, which can make or break your outfit. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • We encourage using accessories to mix up the looks such as hats, scarves and layers.  One single outfit can look like 2 or 3 with a simple accessory change!

  • Don't let the accessories wear you.  Too big or too zany can overwhelm you face and body, taking away from the overall image.  This is about you.

  • Try not to choose anything that's heavily ornamented.  In a few years, ultra trendy items can look dated.  Funky and fun or ok, of course, but only for one outfit.

  • Make sure your accessories all work well with your outfits.  For example, a thin belt may flatter your figure more than a thick belt.  And those dangly earrings may look best with your hair up, while studs look good with your hair down.

  • Get a second and third opinion.  Wear everything you plan to wear for you session day and ask for someone else's advice.  Take some pictures, send them to us, or ask your friends and family for opinions and suggestions.




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